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What people say

President William J. Clinton
AIF plays an ever important role in bringing together Americans and Indians to become active contributors to India’s development. By supporting the AIF bridge, you are not only helping AIF remain a bastion of opportunity for the country’s poor, but also helping its democracy to thrive and flourish.
Noble Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen
AIF has become an effective vehicle for arranging philanthropy related to India in the US. The work has an enormous impact on the lives of the most marginalized people in India.
Madhur Jaffrey, Author and Actress
Every time I attend an AIF event, I am amazed at the dedication of its supporters. No other India-focused NGO in the US has such dedicated and involved supporters. The AIF family is fully committed to eradicating economic and social inequality in India.
The New York Times
one of the largest and most successful Asian philanthropies
Nirupama Rao, Retired Diplomat
The American India Foundation's work in connecting the two largest democracies on a philanthropic platform is truly commendable. AIF has built effective interventions that are replicable, scalable and sharply focused on financial transparency and professionalism with sincerity and dedication. The impressive spectrum of Indian Diaspora supporters AIF draws exemplifies its effectiveness in contributing to India's socio-economic development.
Salil Shetty, Amnesty International
AIF's sustained work has not only made a tangible difference to thousands of Indians who are yet to see the benefits of the country's macro-economic success but is increasingly having scale impact by influencing government policy on meeting the needs and rights of the poor.