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Now in its third year, AYAP seeks to foster an awareness of social development in India for participants through visits with local communities, Indian peers and schools, leading NGOs, and the private sector. Students engage with an AIF-designed service-learning curriculum and gain firsthand experience of issues of poverty and other challenges facing vulnerable communities.



Meeting India’s goals for sustainable development requires not only hard work and dedication, but also leaders with the firsthand experience and real-world skills to deliver practical, local solutions. The William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India is helping to shape the next generation of leaders committed to impactful change while also strengthening civil society to be more efficient and effective.



AIF’s education programs ensure that some of the most marginalized groups have access to high-quality educational opportunities and gain critical life skills alongside 21st century knowledge to prepare them for success in today’s globalized world.



AIF works closely with the public and private sector to create inclusive and sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families, and communities across India with a long-term goal of equalizing the informal and formal sectors to provide equitable opportunities for all citizens.


Public Health

AIF promotes maternal and child health by combining increased access to healthcare, improved service delivery, innovative care-based approaches, and capacity-building for healthcare professionals and organizations in highly underserved communities, including orphaned and vulnerable children.



Through its William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India, AIF is helping to shape the next generation of leaders committed to building lasting change for underprivileged communities across India, while also strengthening the civil sector landscape to be more efficient and effective.


Relief & Rehabilitation


Gender Focus