Andrew Fertig

Andrew FertigAge: 24
Hometown: Washington DC
Education:  Brown University
Specific Field interests:  Social enterprise and environmentally sustainable business development
Placement: Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra (KGVK), Ranchi, Jharkhand
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: As an undergraduate, Andrew became interested in sustainable resource management while spending a semester in the Turks and Caicos Islands studying marine resource management and policy.  As an employee of the marine resources department in Ecuador’s Galapagos National Park, he worked towards mitigating human impacts on indigenous species by developing and implementing baseline surveys successfully culminating in a bilateral land exchange program to better serve the park while still protecting the interests of the local community.  He also performed baseline water quality testing in the local community, providing empirical evidence and assisting in the renovation of a water treatment facility.  Then, as manager of the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program’s headquarters in Equatorial Guinea, he supported ecologists in their endeavors to better understand the unique flora and fauna of Bioko Island.  In addition to managing the logistical and the bureaucratic aspects of the organization, Andrew developed eco-tourism and educational ventures aimed at increasing community empowerment and independence.  Andrew’s interests lie in ecologically conscious business modeling and community empowerment through sustainable developments and agro-business.