Age: 23
Home Town: Memphis, Tennessee
Education: BA, Global Studies: Peace, Conflict & Human Rights, Appalachian State University.
Specific Field Interests: Conflict Transformation, Youth Development, Community Building and Sustainable Development
Placement: Pravah, Delhi.
Area of Focus: Youth Development

Highlights: Allison's interest in social justice beyond borders began while working in Uganda with the Youth Focus Africa Foundation, a local NGO focused on serving educational, health and social justice initiatives to the women and children in local villages. This experience motivated her to continue her exploration of other cultures through a study-abroad program at the University of Hyderabad in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Her time in India had a big impact on her views pertaining to culture-specific methods of conflict transformation, which inspired her honors thesis, "Applying Conflict Resolution to the Telangana Struggle." Allison continued exploring her passion for working with under-served youth by holding a leadership role through the Upward Bound program in Boone, NC, where she helped prepare aspiring first-generation college students for higher education. Prior to joining AIF, Allison facilitated character development classes aimed at giving juveniles an alternative to the court system through a local organization in her hometown, Memphis, TN.

The best hug I’ve ever had

The session was called “Trust Fall”, which was a fitting name considering I found myself standing at the edge of stacked tables, hands tied together, with the instructions to fall

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Festival Season

It is festival season here in India, and man do Indians know how to celebrate.  From Navratri and Durga Puja, to Dusshera and Eid, there has been a steady stream

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From Weddings to Plane Rides

This past Saturday was my sister’s wedding. Several months ago when I first broke the news to her that I was awarded AIF’s Clinton Fellowship for Service in India (and

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