Andrew Jelinek

Age: 26
Home Town: Rochester, Michigan
Education: M.A., International Security, Georgetown University / B.A., International Relations, Michigan State University
Specific Field Interests: Workforce Development, Education / Training
Placement: Anudip Foundation, Kolkata, West Bengal
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: As a graduate student studying foreign affairs at Georgetown, Andrew gained internship experience at the Atlantic Council, the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the U.S. House of Representatives. In these positions, he became passionate about international development and human security issues around the world. After he graduated with his Masters, Andrew joined Teach For America in Detroit. There, he taught for two years at a high-poverty school. As a teacher in that environment, he became increasingly aware of the ways in which food insecurity, shoddy infrastructure, high crime rates, racial discrimination, and socioeconomic inequality drastically limit human potential. Through coursework and reading in college, Andrew had always been passionately interested in similar challenges facing India. He had also always wanted to experience and learn from India's remarkable cultural diversity.


My hair, my face, and my pants were soaking wet with rain. With every second, the rain’s descent from the sky accelerated. But I stayed frozen in place for half

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