Megan Tara Casebolt

Age: 23
Home Town: St. Clairsville, OH
Education: Ohio University: BA Women and Gender Studies, BSW, Minor World Religions, Certificate African Studies; Washington University in St Louis: MPH, MSW
Specific Field Interests: sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, women's empowerment
Placement: Community Health and Advancement Initiative (CHAI)/Broadleaf Health and Education Alliance (Darjeeling, West Bengal)
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Megan believes that health is an integral part of international development. To achieve maximum potential within a community, that community needs to be healthy. She has come to this conclusion because of her experiences abroad and in the US during her undergraduate and graduate degrees. While in college, she spent a summer volunteering at an orphanage in rural Rajasthan. During this adventure, she saw the many health issues facing women and children in India, particularly in rural areas with limited access to health care. This trip inspired her undergraduate thesis and motivated her to pursue graduate degrees in social work and public health. While in graduate school, she solidified her interest in sexual and reproductive health and maternal and child health. These areas were the focus of her research and projects throughout school. She participated in an internship in India at MAMTA: Health Institute for Mother and Child in the summer of 2012. During this internship, she had the opportunity to learn about Indian health systems and adolescent sexual health schemes. She fell in love with India during her volunteer and internship experiences and wants to live there on a permanent basis now that she has completed her graduate degree.

Exposure Visit

This past week I had the privilege of visiting the Hyderabad fellows, mostly to see the work of VOICE 4 Girls, which is Tera’s placement organization. VOICE 4 Girls is

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The Fourth “T” of Darjeeling

In an early blog post, I mentioned the concept of the Darjeeling economy divided into three areas called the three T’s: tea, timber, and tourism. But throughout my time here,

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Fly by night

For my birthday, I asked my parents for an unusual gift: airplane tickets. You see, Darjeeling is a fantastic place to live. I absolutely adore it and I would suggest

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CHHIP Exercise Day

So every year the CHHIP team plans an exercise day for our students in all of our communities. This serves multiple purposes. One is to make sure that they are

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Researching life

So this point in our project cycle is the end of the school year, so we have a whole lot of data entry, analysis, and report writing to do. Each

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Travel and Tourists

Since coming to Darjeeling I have made two major trips. One was to Delhi to deal with the FRRO, and the other was to Kolkata to visit the fellows there

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A Trip Up the Mountain

Finally, my apartment in Darjeeling is all set up. I have a place to store my clothes, the necessary cooking implements, and curtains to help keep the first sunshine in

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