Mrinal Mohanka

Age: 24
Home Town: Kolkata, West Bengal
Education: B.A. Economics and Sustainable Development, Columbia University
Specific Field Interests: Social Enterprise, Economic Development
Placement:, Bangalore, Karnataka
Area of Focus: Social Enterprise

Highlights: Mrinal understood the power of Economics as a tool to transform society while working as a volunteer at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Though still in high school, he realized economic development was going to be integral to his future plans. Much later, as an undergrad, he interned with the Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm founded by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. Here, upon witnessing the huge double bottom-line impact such organizations have, he decided to focus on social enterprise. Mrinal was born in India where he schooled for the first sixteen years of his life. Thereafter he left for London to study at Westminster School. He then moved on to Columbia University in the US, where he majored in Economics. Since he graduated in 2012, he has been working with Booz & Company as a management consultant in New York. While at Booz, Mrinal was heavily involved in their pro-bono partnership with the Clinton Foundation. He ran projects as well as participated on teams with the foundation's affiliate - The Centre for Facilitation of Investments in Haiti. Mrinal has prior experience working in India through internships with Rare Enterprises, a private equity firm, and 3D packaging, a decorated plastic tube manufacturer.

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