Nikhil Mahen

Age: 28
Home Town: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Education: Masters in Engineering Management, Duke University
Specific Field Interests: Disruptive and Frugal Innovation, Inclusive Solutions, Behavioral Economics, New Technologies, System Design
Placement: Aravind Eye Care System (Madurai, Tamil Nadu)
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: After graduating with a Masters from Duke University, Nikhil joined Deutsche Bank's Investment Banking group in New York. Following four years of work in the Financial Services and Consulting in New York, Nikhil, taking the advice of some of his favorite authors and innovators, moved back to India to learn about the disruptive nature of innovation. Within an year of traveling, Nikhil interacted with start-ups, social and tech entrepreneurs, and people pursuing interesting projects from across the country. His interest in innovation let him to join an innovation-consulting firm in Hyderabad. Most recently, he designed strategies to help rejuvenate the Microfinance business for one of the leading livelihood promoters in India.

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I am a big fan of taking trips alone once in a while. No dependence on other people, great time for introspection and the freedom to stay quiet in peace

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