Shruti Manian

Shruti Manian

Age: 21
Home Town: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Education: BA in International Studies, Vassar College
Specific Field Interests: Education, inequality, human rights
Placement: Ashoka University
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Shruti graduated from Vassar College with a degree in International Studies and a minor in History. Her academic work focused on development policy and culminated in her senior thesis that analyzed India’s Right to Food and Right to Education Acts. In 2013, she received a research grant to work on her thesis with government officials in New Delhi. Shruti’s interest in social justice began when she spent a semester in Washington DC on a Dean’s Scholarship from American University studying International Law and Organizations. As part of her studies, Shruti also worked with a professor at American University to evaluate the impact of foreign volunteers on NGOs in developing countries. Her interest in education policy was a result of spending a summer helping an NGO in Mumbai design a comprehensive Environmental Education syllabus for rural, low income schools in the state. She further pursued her interest in education policy in college by creating and implementing an online peer advising system and working with students, faculty and administrators to improve the educational experience of students on high financial aid.

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Shruti Manian
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