Shruti Manian

Age: 21
Home Town: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Education: BA in International Studies, Vassar College
Specific Field Interests: Education, inequality, human rights
Placement: Ashoka University
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Shruti comes to the AIF Fellowship from Madison, WI with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology and Psychology. Her interest in the health and wellness of marginalized populations developed while volunteering at a village hospital in an Indian village. Since then, Shruti has deepened her experience in instigating community-oriented health initiatives by working as the outreach and health education coordinator at a mental advocacy. She also worked as an honorary research associate at a radiology stroke lab following graduation. Shruti is eager to use the skills she gained to keep building a foundation of meaningful engagement with the country of her birth.

Change is Slow

The cliché about change is that it is the only constant. However, what no one really tells you is that sometimes change is also painstakingly slow. Often change can crawl

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