Virginia Morgan

Virginia Morgan

Age: 22
Home Town: Phoenix, Arizona
Education: Public Health at Tulane University
Specific Field Interests: Women's Health, Reproductive Health, Cultural Conservation
Placement: KHAMIR, Bhuj, Gujarat
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Highlights: Virginia recently graduated from Tulane University where she completed degrees in Public Health, International Development, and Gender & Sexuality Studies. For the past four years, Virginia has been very passionate about work with New Orleans public health involving sex education, reproductive health, and proper nutrition. She was a sex education teacher, a youth mentor, and a global justice intern with a free health clinic where she helped start a farmer’s market and led a weekly women’s wellness class. She spent her junior year abroad in India living in Delhi and Dharamsala conducting fieldwork on the reproductive health care status of Tibetan refugees.

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Virginia Morgan
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Virginia Morgan
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Virginia Morgan
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