Age: 23
Home Town: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Education: BSc- Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Texas Christian University
Specific Field Interests: Education, Women's Rights, and Public Health
Placement: Sparsha Trust/Reaching Hand - Bangalore, Karnataka
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Abby is enthusiastic to explore southern India after previously living in Chandigarh and Delhi. Although she was raised in the uniquely homogenous Cajun culture of Louisiana, she has always enjoyed learning about diverse cultures- particularly working with refugees resettled in Baton Rouge. After working for the past year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in an Indian government school, she is excited to collaborate with Sparsha in order to work at the intersection of public health, child rights, and education. She also hopes to utilize aspects of her child rights curriculum, which she developed over the past year in Delhi. Her past experiences in lobbying, fundraising, and working, for the U.S. Congress, have taught her the values of patience and collaboration in order to create positive change. While in India, she hopes to see lots of pongols during Durga Puja, find exceptional momos (steamed, not fried!), and run in road races throughout the south.

“What Did You Do in India?”

A seemingly simple question that I get asked regularly upon returning to the states, but one to which I haven’t found a perfect answer. When posed this question, I think,

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What’s in a Skill?

Did you know India has 31 skill development councils ranging from aerospace to weaving to sports? Or that there’s a governmental agency focused on skilling?
Before joining Reaching Hand, I’d

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The Opportunity to Speak

On my first day of teaching middle school in a government-aided school in Delhi, I asked all of my 8th standard students to stand up and introduce themselves in front

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Shuba’s Smile

As we walked into our Kothanur Center, we met a girl dangling her keys, flashing a giant pearly white smile and disseminating sweets. “I started earning, so I bought a

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From Baton Rouge to Bangalore

I remember my first day in India two and a half years ago, glued to the “tourist” van window in a delirium of jet lag as we traversed the long

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