Annika Gage

Annika Gage

Age: 22
Home Town: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Education: BA- Bachelor of Arts, Urban Studies/Community Health, Rhodes College
Specific Field Interests: Public Health, Women's Rights
Placement: Gramin Shiksha Kendra - Sawai Madhupur, Rajasthan
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Annika feels that India is a country of deep intensity and rich potential which has a great deal to contribute to a globalized world. She is excited to spend an extended period of time living and working with an impactful grassroots organization in India. She values the mentorship of others and the experience of becoming invested in a community. She hopes to contribute something that the community she will be working alongside finds worthwhile and valuable. She hopes to be able to communicate with the community fully on their own terms with fluency in Hindi. Her research with refugees in both Jordan and the United States has given her valuable experience in building meaningful relationships with people from different cultures, an experience she feels would help her in this fellowship.

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Unlikely Assistants Posted in 2016-17, Clinton Fellowship Blog

As I squeezed into the still-moving jeep one morning in April, feeling eyes roam over my face and whispers buzz around me as usual, I thought about the day ahead….