Avan Antia

Avan Antia

Age: 22
Home Town: Rockville, Maryland
Education: BSc- Bachelor of Science, General Biology, University of Maryland
Specific Field Interests: Biology: microbiology and infectious disease
Placement: Madras Crocodile Bank Trust (MCBT) - Mahaballipuram, Tamil Nadu
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: Avan will have the fantastic opportunity to work among over 2,000 beautiful reptiles and amphibians. Her placement lies at the intersection of her love for science and education, deep interest in development work, and lifelong love for animals. She aims to learn from the experts and be able to form a practical waste management strategy, supported by experimental results. Avan is excited to finally visit South India, meeting new people, tasting the cuisines, and indulging in the culture of the community where she will be staying. Prior to AIF, Avan has served as co-president of a student organization called SHARE, which sends unused, surplus medical supplies from local hospitals to under-supplied clinics abroad. She has also participated in the Critical Language Scholarship program to learn Hindi.

Posts by Avan Antia

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