Avital Datskovsky

Age: 25
Home Town: Lower Merion, Pennsylvania
Education: BA- Bachelor of Arts, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
Specific Field Interests: Education and Gender
Placement: Gramin Shiksha Kendra - Sawai Madhupur, Rajasthan
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Avital loved staying in India before and finds it an incredible and fascinating country. She is excited to be challenged and to learn from India, while gaining experience on the ground, learning from the people at her host organization and the other fellows to translate skills she has gained into development in India. She is excited to be challenged to think differently and to grow. Through this fellowship, Avital wants to get a better understanding of development in India and learn what skills that she can best contribute to development, build new ones and broaden her understanding of development and India. Her study of Hindi, past experience of living in India and her experience of having to move rapidly between multiple roles and requirements while working at a startup are few experiences that Avital feels would help her in this fellowship.

Glimpses of Madhopur

In Harry Potter, when Harry needs to conjure a Patronus, the charm needed to get rid of Dementors–creatures that bring doom and gloom, he has to think of a

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To Jaganpura, with Love

The school year’s over now, but during the school year, as I approached Gramin Shiksha Kendra’s Jaganpura school, I was often welcomed by shouts of “Tali Madam! Khelo!” (Come play!)

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Learning from Children

Document local culture in the area and create curriculum modules that teach children about the local culture. Back in September, the task seemed daunting. I was a complete newcomer to the community.

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A Community Rebuilds

There is a poster placed on the wall, by the doorway to one of the houses of the families we interviewed in Girirajpura. It features a picturesque-looking house, and the words, written in English

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The Politics of Cultural Change

The day begins with a cup (or sometimes two) of chai, followed by the 2 kilometer walk to the school. During the morning assembly, the students are encouraged to announce

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Reclaiming the Forest

I had this realization a few weeks ago. For the longest time, I was struggling to connect the dots. In the interviews I was conducting, the events I was participating

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Catching a Train

One of my big accomplishments this month was jumping on a moving train. I arrived two minutes late for my train back from Jaipur to Sawai Madhopur. I scrambled up

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Rethinking Education

“Forge Through Ambiguity”
Forge through ambiguity. This was a phrase that AIF Clinton Fellow alumnus Ted Samuel brought up in his incredible keynote during orientation in Delhi. It’s a phrase that

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