Age: 30
Home Town: Boston, Massachusetts
Education: Master in Public Administration, Non Profit Management/Urban Planning, University at Albany SUNY
Specific Field Interests: Livelihoods, Women's Empowerment & Youth Development
Placement: SAFA - Hyderabad, Telangana
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: Benjamin is passionate about socioeconomic empowerment and is excited to be part of a project that would work on the same ground. He is looking forward towards learning new skills and expanding his knowledge while helping his host organization. Prior to AIF, Benjamin was also part of the Kiva fellowship. Benjamin is excited about the food; the blend of cultures & religions and the history of India.

Till Next Time

“I thought a lot and developed the far-away look of a dreamer, for it was always the distant heights which fascinated me and drew me to them in spirit. I

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Partnership for the Future

After many meetings, missed phone calls, site visits, and diligent preparation, my project to enroll economically deprived students into a private school to enhance their education made a huge step

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The Beginnings of a New Program

As I walk onto the premises of one of the private school in Hyderabad, I’m greeted by the singing of young children as they dance around in a circle. They

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Campaign Trails

Within the first couple of days of arriving in my new home I explored as much as I could, no matter the exhaustion that comes with arriving to a country

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