Brittany Boroian

Age: 25
Home Town: Madison, New Jersey
Education: B.A. Global Studies, Global College at Long Island University
Specific Field Interests: Economic Development, Social Enterprise
Placement: Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) (Delhi)
Area of Focus: Livelihood

Highlights: Brittany has spent the past five years exploring economic development and social enterprise abroad, and is excited to continue her journey as a William J. Clinton fellow in India. As a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Brittany spent the last two years teaching entrepreneurship and consulting on a number of small businesses in Paraguay. As Project Manager of Joívenes Empresarios del Paraguay, she also led the first national business plan competition, as well as a following national business case competition, raising over $10,000 for both projects and acquiring national partnerships to continue the program into the future. As an undergraduate at Global College of Long Island University, Brittany worked with a number of micro-finance initiatives, including Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Fundacioín Paraguaya (a micro-finance NGO) in Paraguay, and as President of an online start-up, Brittany additionally worked with Acumen in New York while writing her undergraduate thesis on social entrepreneurship. After graduating in 2010, Brittany worked at Faulu Kenya (a micro-finance institution in Nairobi) as a Kiva fellow, and attended the StartingBloc institute. Brittany has previously spent 6 months in India studying and traveling, and she is excited to return as a William J. Clinton fellow. She plans to get an MBA in the future and continue working in international business. Supported by IL&FS

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