Caleb Christian

Age: 26
Home Town: Mobile, Alabama
Education: JD, Public Interest Law, The University of Alabama School of Law
Specific Field Interests: Education Policy
Placement: AIF, Learning and Migration Program (LAMP) - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Caleb's interest in education policy began during university after he spent a summer in Jaipur studying Hindi on a Critical Language Scholarship from the U.S. Department of State. Following his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer, Caleb went to law school to practice public interest law. Always searching for ways to integrate education policy into his legal studies, Caleb worked as a legal intern at the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, where he investigated complaints of federal civil rights violations at educational institutions across the Southeast. During his time reading law, Caleb also worked as a certified legal intern at The University of Alabama School of Law Civil Law Clinic, which provides legal representation to traditionally underserved populations in the community. Caleb is excited to work at LAMP‰, finally putting his legal research and writing abilities to use in the Indian education policy field by creating legal workshops for LAMP-affiliated organizations.

Rust and Glass

After navigating a particularly tight squeeze between two homes on, what I’m assuming was, a walking path, our truck came to a stop in the middle of a small hamlet.

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Of Plums and Horizons — Part I

It had been a grueling three hours of uphill, crisscross, back-and-forth travel. Especially for a person prone to motion sickness. Before the engine started, I procured some medicine from a

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Memory Marg

I left my home-away-from-home in August 2014. I took one last bite of stuffed naan at Hotel King’s Corner, enjoyed one last rickshaw ride down JLN Marg, and for one

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The LAMP Delivery System

The objective seemed straightforward on its face: “To reduce the extent of child migration and ensure that all the children ages 6–14 years attend school for the entire academic year.”

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Bachau and Back Again — Part III

I always know when I’ve reached Kachchh—the landscape dramatically changes. Where there once was scrub brush and sandy dunes in nebulous patterns, now there are perfect squares of blue-white crystals,

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Sisyphus and the Pigeons

If you polled the average person who has lived in or visited India on which animal caused them the most consternation, the vast majority would immediately describe a horned bovine

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Bhachau and Back Again — Part II

I had only been in Ahmedabad for nine days when the LAMP (AIF’s Learning and Migration Program) Gujarat team told me that I would be traveling to Kachchh district the

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