Age: 21
Home Town: Seattle, Washington
Education: BSc- Bachelor of Science, Philosophy & Biology, Tufts University
Specific Field Interests: Global Health Justice, International Development
Placement: Reaching Hand - Bangalore, Karnataka
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Deepa's interests in the philosophy, politics and economics of health inform her desire to understand public health initiatives and challenges in India. As an undergraduate, Deepa worked in teenage mental health promotion, college access efforts for Navajo youth and technology-driven Parkinson's Disease research advancement. Prior to AIF, Deepa was involved in nonprofit and community advocacy work as a Jonathan M. Tisch Scholar for Citizenship & Public Service and Institute for Global Leadership Synaptic Scholar.

Reflections on My Fellowship Journey

My Father’s Name
One of my first overnight field visits was in the Bellary district of northern Karnataka where my team oversaw sanitation initiatives in several schools. Driving from

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Poop as a Social Construct

There is no particularly pleasant word to describe the waste that leaves our bowels after digestion. Faeces. Excreta. Stool. Poop. Composed of varying proportions of bacterial biomass, protein or nitrogenous

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In Pursuit of Shamelessness

There are few emotions more harmful than shame. It threatens the most fundamental love and respect people have for themselves. It is often accompanied by immeasurable discomfort, isolation and pain

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