Age: 26
Home Town: Mumbai, India
Education: BA-Political Science, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai; MA-Sustainable Development Practice, TERI University, New Delhi
Specific Field Interests: Sustainability of natural resources through different management and governance mechanisms, inter-relationships between social, cultural and ecological systems
Placement: Manthan - Kotri, Rajasthan
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: Denise is excited about interacting with diverse people in different environmental, social and cultural settings through her coursework, work experience, volunteering stints, travels and field studies. She believes that AIF and the project will bring in a new set of challenges and learning experiences that will help her appreciate new perspectives and innovative solutions for sustainable development. She wants the fellowship to deepen her learning experiences and enhance her passion and research skills to understand sustainability issues and the inter-relationship between societal and environmental systems. Her greatest achievement is being able to learn and appreciate the everyday lives of people in rural India and she believes that these interactions with people from diverse rural settings will help her during her fellowship journey.

Women of the Watershed

As a city girl with access to almost all the basic needs and privileges and most importantly access to a good education, I looked at feminism from a very different

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Who Shall Win the War: Salt or Water?

A rather bizarre question I know, but it is equally significant in the complex world of natural resources. Resource antagonism has been an old phenomenon that has determined tribal community

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The Christmas Spirit in Rural Rajasthan

As a child, Charles Dickens’ novella, “The Christmas Carol” was a riddle to me. I tried to imagine wicked Scrooge and his Christmas spirits-the Past, Present and Future. It was

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