Dharamjeet Kumar

Dharamjeet Kumar

Age: 23
Home Town: Patna, India
Education: Master Of Art in Development, Azim Premji University
Specific Field Interests: Rural livelihoods and governance
Placement: North-East Affected Area, Development Society (NEADS) - Jorhat, Assam
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: Being born and brought up in India, Dharamjeet is excited to contribute to the society through working for a social change. He sees AIF as one great learning opportunity. The experience of working with organization already established in social sector and sharing of the ideas with other enthusiastic co-fellows that could be a milestone towards his own dream project for social change, he believes. Through this fellowship, Dharamjeet intends to explore himself while working for a social cause and in the end discover a better self. He also wants to achieve hands-on experience of working with an organization and build a strong network with fellows to work in future for a social change. Dharamjeet has a post graduate degree in development. The course has trained him in doing researches and designing social intervention. He hails from an agriculturalist family, an upbringing and knowledge that he feels would help him in this fellowship.

Posts by Dharamjeet Kumar

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