Fatima Salman

Fatima Salman

Age: 24
Home Town: Los Angeles, California
Education: University of California, Davis B.A. in Political Science and History with a Minor in Middle East/South Asia Studies
Specific Field Interests: International Development and Policy
Placement: Broadleaf Health and Education Alliance, Darjeeling
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: During her time at the University of California, Davis, Fatima became very involved in student government and the Muslim Student Association. Her tenure at UC Davis was spent in meetings with the Chancellor, negotiating budget proposals with community leaders, and serving as a liaison between the student body and administration. After graduating, she went on to join Teach For America in 2012 and taught 2nd Grade in San Jose, California for Rocketship Education. In her early months as a teacher, she helped start Rocketship Alma Academy in downtown San Jose as a founding teacher. During her three years in the classroom, she developed a strong passion for working with and serving communities built on the backs of single women, whose children fight the statistical odds stacked against them every day. Fatima became increasingly interested and invested in the progress of her students, families, and colleagues. Throughout these three years, she facilitated and led professional development for novice teachers, participated in teacher retention initiatives, and designed lesson plans and curriculum. The three years of teaching along with her experiences from UC Davis have encouraged a lifetime of serving, leading, and growing intellectually with communities.

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