Liv Dowling

Age: 24
Home Town: Corpus Christi, TX
Education: BA in Political Science and International Studies, Yale University
Specific Field Interests: Gender Equality, Sustainable Development, Conflict Transformation, Political Participation, Community Capacity-Building and Mobilization
Placement: Utthan (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
Area of Focus: Livelihood

Highlights: Liv's passion for gender equitable development and political participation began while she was living in New Delhi in 2011-2012 conducting independent research at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her research focused on the influence of national-level women's NGOs on public policy formation and implementation through the lens of the campaign against sex selective abortion in India. Through this experience, she also cultivated an interest in public health issues affecting marginalized populations, spending the last year in Bangkok, Thailand contributing to the research division of an international NGO working on issues related to HIV/AIDS and reproductive health across Asia. Liv is looking forward to returning to India and learning more about community-based approaches to resource management and gender development.

Two days at VOICE Camp

Summer camp can be a defining experience for girls. At least it was in my memory. From the ages of seven to fifteen I had almost every camp experience possible.

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Breaking the (Auto) Mode

When I lived in Delhi in 2011, I knew I needed a better camera. To me, my point-and-shoot just didn’t seem capable of capturing the speed of daily life and

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Of Joy and Jaipur

In the early hours of January 19th I hopped a plane from Chennai to Jaipur. The lush and luminous South receded and when I descended into the smoky,

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Bindis on the Blackboard

Inside a dimly lit schoolroom in Padwa village women sit three to a desk. Some of the women look young, still teenagers. Other women hold fussy children in their laps.

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A blackout in Gujarat

Gujarat is the land without blackouts. So they say.
I can happily admit that I have yet to experience a single blackout during the last 1.5 months I have lived

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