Age: 24
Home Town: Kottayam, Kerala - India
Education: BTech - Bachelor of Technology, Electronics, Mahatma Gandhi University
Specific Field Interests: Education, Youth Engagement
Placement: Shaishav - Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Noel started growing curious about the education sector in India while pursuing his degree in engineering. In his pursuits, he has journeyed through India exploring initiatives in the field of education and technology and is convinced of the fact the world change starts with educated children. His past achievements include setting up a national network of school libraries starting from his time in college. Prior to the fellowship, Noel worked with ESAF, a social enterprise in Kerala, India. He is excited to meet his co-fellows and also his colleagues at Shaishav in Gujarat. As a technology enthusiast, he is hopeful of exploring opportunities to harness the use of the same in furthering the cause of education in India.

Lesson Two: Never a Drop-Out

I was the summer of 2014, and I was in Bhopal, the city of lakes in Madhya Pradesh for work. In the ‘not so busy’ weekends, I’d take my bike

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Lesson One: Worth It and More

It’s been eight months since I stepped foot in Saurashtra (the southern part of Gujarat) and nope, this blog is not about how wonderful my life has been ever since.

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