Olivia Waring

Age: 26
Home Town: New Jersey and Seattle
Education: Master's degree in Linguistics, University of Oxford; Master's degree in Computer Science (pending thesis defense), University of Oxford; Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Chinese, Princeton University
Specific Field Interests: Interested in the intersection of journalism and technology, with a particular focus on using journalism to illuminate issues in education policy and minority language rights
Placement: People's Archive of Rural India (PARI) - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: Olivia is eager to learn about India through the lens of her experiences in China. She is also excited to watch gazillions of Bollywood films in the name of cultural immersion - like the one about the guy that turns into a housefly! The People's Archive of Rural India documents "the everyday lives of everyday people" and touches upon so many causes she cares deeply about, including public health/education in underserved communities, sustainable agriculture, endangered languages, and indigenous cultures. Her career as an engineer at Microsoft and NPR and her background in research science have honed her analytical and technical skills; furthermore, she hopes that her experience helping to document an endangered Tibetan langauge in Southwest China will inform her fieldwork in rural districts. Olivia adores polka dots, cardamom, and the color yellow, and she is an avid actress and musician. She has a Travel Troll that accompanies her on all her international adventures, and she somehow never learned to tie her shoes!

Life on a (Bollywood) Film Set

I arrived in Mumbai like legions of aspiring actors before me, and doubtless many more to come: with heady dreams of Bollywood stardom.
I have to admit that before moving

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Heisenberg in Bhavnagar

Perhaps Werner Heisenberg’s most notable contribution to twentieth-century physics is his eponymous Uncertainty Principle, which stipulates that the position and the momentum of a particle – two fundamental measurements that

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Namak Haram: Treacherous Salt

It’s the most quotidian of seasonings, squatting primly on virtually every dining table and in every household cupboard. Its grains are unremarkable, innocuous, readily dissolved. Unlike its companion condiments, pepper and

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The Incurable Language Bug

I came down with the Language Bug in the seventh grade. The affliction took hold during a mandatory Latin class at my Catholic middle school, and I was instantly hooked

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