Owen Jollie

Age: 24
Home Town: Seattle, Washington
Education: Emory University
Specific Field Interests: U.S.-India policy studies, Urdu poetry, Corporate Social Responsibility, Indian History
Placement: Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi
Area of Focus: Corporate Social Responsibility

Highlights: Owen Sanders Jollie began studying Hindi during his freshman year of college at Emory University. Since then, his interest in India has expanded to include Urdu poetry, Indian politics, and U.S.-India relations. Owen comes to the fellowship from the Center for Strategic and International Studies where he was a researcher with the Wadhwani Chair for U.S.-India Policy Studies. Owen's most recent trip to India was this past summer, when he spent two months in Lucknow studying Urdu at the American Institute of Indian Studies. He plans to continue learning both Hindi and Urdu and to expand his understanding of Indian politics with a focus on the development of corporate social responsibility. Owen grew up in Seattle, Washington and is an avid baseball fan.


Sports have always occupied a place in the forefront of my imagination. As a youth, baseball was my singular fascination. When I got in trouble, timeout never worked, but threats

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Last week, while on a brief sabbatical from work, I took a micro-adventure to Tughluqabad in Delhi’s Southeast corner. Sitting on a massive site along the Mehrauli-Badarpur highway is the

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Haircuts and Weddings

There’s more than one way to kill a chicken, but the most popular by far, at least in movies, is to grab the bird just below it’s head and rapidly

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