Pious Ahuja

Age: 27
Home Town: New Delhi, India; Easley, South Carolina; New York City; Los Angeles
Education: JD, International Human Rights Law, American University Washington School of Law, MA in International Affairs
Specific Field Interests: Criminal Law and Gender-based violence
Placement: Counsel to Secure Justice - Delhi
Area of Focus: Law and Advocacy

Highlights: Pious is looking forward towards representing victims of Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), a severely marginalized group. She hopes to gain strong interpersonal communication skills and work experience required to be an effective human rights advocate. Pious is excited to be given an opportunity to live in a vibrant society filled with amazing food, culture, and traditions. Prior to AIF, she worked for various human rights organizations both domestically and abroad including UNHCR, Human Rights First, Department of Justice, Human Rights Law Network, among others. She received her Juris Doctorate and Masters in International Affairs from the American University, Washington, DC.

Nowhere to Go

The Counsel to Secure Justice (CSJ) provides representation to survivors of sexual assault throughout criminal proceedings. In my work for CSJ, I come across many cases that expose the injustice of the

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Delay in Justice Is Denial in Justice

Over the last few months, while I have been working with Counsel to Secure Justice, I have continued to notice one common pervasive theme: delay in justice. The glacial nature

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Best Interests of the Child

“What are the best interests of the child?” is a question that is often thrown out in many of the countless discussion that my office staff and I engage in at work.

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Returning Home?

This is my second month here in Delhi, India. Delhi, a place I once considered my true home, now seems like a foreign land for me filled with contradictions. These

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