Blessing Okorougo

Blessing OkorougoAge: 29
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Education: M.S. in War Studies, King’s College London 2009. B.A. in International Relations and World Literature, University of California, San Diego 2005
Specific Field Interests: Economic and social development, capacity building, human rights, gender and development
Placement: Centre for Social Research, New Delhi
Area of Focus: Human Rights & Advocacy

Highlights: With a background in research, project planning and communication Blessing’s interests lie in addressing the challenges of accountability, good governance and capacity building in the development sector. She has worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo assisting the transparency component of a three-year USAID funded Rule of Law project, which  impacted victims of sexual violence and unlawful detention and previously worked in the London office of a global security consultancy conducting regional case study research on development projects regarding youth unemployment and education in the UAE, food security and humanitarian drug policy. She is looking forward to continuing her focus on local capacity building projects and understanding the measurability of aid effectiveness through her work in India.