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Columbia’s 13th Annual India Business Conference Posted in Blog

A few weeks ago, Columbia Business School hosted its 13th Annual India Business Conference. Each year, the event serves as a powerful forum that brings together some of the brightest…

Nisha Sambamurty
Dear Binod Posted in 2016-17, Clinton Fellowship Blog

Dear Binod, About 14 months ago, I sat in front of my laptop with the statement, “Discuss your motivation for applying to this fellowship,” staring me in the face. A…

Reflections on Digital Equalizer in Delhi Posted in General

A supporter of AIF in Chicago, Nick Behl shares his reflections on visiting the Digital Equalizer program in Delhi this winter. The Behl family (Nick and Divya, as newer Chicago…

Dylan Igoe
Mondays with Manish Posted in 2016-17, Clinton Fellowship Blog

Walking with Manish through the alleys of the slums of Ahmedabad, I am filled with envy and wonder. Each of Manish’s familiar steps is greeted by either a soft face…

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