Together, in Tungi Posted in 2014-15, Clinton Fellowship

On January 28th the AIF Clinton Fellowship class of 2014-2015 converged in Tungi, a small hill station in Maharashtra, for an epic group huddle; a four-day gathering in which Fellows…

Ilana Millner
The Loudest Light Posted in 2014-15, Clinton Fellowship

Ah, Diwali! Each year around the end of October or early November, Hindus and Jains around the world celebrate this grand festival of lights. On the same day, Sikhs around…

Ilana Millner
“We’re Getting There” Posted in 2014-15, Clinton Fellowship Blog

“We’re Getting There” was the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)’s longtime —although apparently now defunct—official slogan, and none could have been more apt. Most Philadelphians find SEPTA’s antiquated “Subway-Surface” trolley…

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