Julia Wallin
Nothing Like It Used To Be

There have been so many great moments in the last two months. Overnight bus rides through Western India to explore ancient Buddhist and Jain cave temples; midnight trains and jeep…

Christine Garcia
Teaching India’s Teachers

I’ve worked in educational reform and development in the past, looking at inputs or workarounds to current educational systems. I’ve examined how to improve existing schools with technology, visual aids,…

Ashwin Advani
When are you coming back?

Dear Friends, Thank you for making the effort to see me while I was visiting “home” in the US this past October. It had been a mere 14 months since…

Miriam Hartmann
Resilience of children

What is one word made of two letters that you want to hear in the morning? Didi! “Good morning, didi.” “Good morning, didi.” “Good morning, didi!” I arrive to a…

Kayalyn Kibbe
Embracing the Slump

At the start of every new adventure, we expect to be a bit nervous. We give ourselves time and space to learn how to do a new job, fit into…

Virginia Morgan
Happiness Happens

Name: Pramila Krishna Age: 27 Hometown: Kukuma, Gujarat Occupation: Seamstress You know those people who can instantly brighten your day with their smile alone?  They are a special kind of…

Eliel Talo
A Closer Look

I’d planned to write more extensively about Delhi, about my feelings on living here now that it’s been two months and I don’t feel totally, utterly adrift. Those feelings are…

Mrinal Mohanka
We Need to Talk

My first visit to the Marble Palace in Calcutta is vividly etched in memory: The zoo, India’s oldest, with animals from all over. An aviary that would match any on…

Ilana Millner
The Loudest Light

Ah, Diwali! Each year around the end of October or early November, Hindus and Jains around the world celebrate this grand festival of lights. On the same day, Sikhs around…

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