Audra Bass
I Will Not Wait for Hindsight

Prior to India: I worked at the largest Lemur Conservation Research Center in the world; a place that had profound experience with these wild, endangered species. I saw the tiny…

Janan Dave
Small Windows of Opportunity

Crossing the street is a skill I thought I had mastered when I was five. Look both ways–simple enough. In India, and in Bangalore particularly, it’s more like look left,…

Abigail TerHaar
From Baton Rouge to Bangalore

I remember my first day in India two and a half years ago, glued to the “tourist” van window in a delirium of jet lag as we traversed the long…

Deepa Patil
In Pursuit of Shamelessness

There are few emotions more harmful than shame. It threatens the most fundamental love and respect people have for themselves. It is often accompanied by immeasurable discomfort, isolation and pain…

Nisha Sambamurty
Quelling the Chaos

As we walked into the slums of Mumbai, I couldn’t help but be consumed with wonder, questions, disbelief and, honestly, a little amazement. Our guides, two thirteen-year-old girls, Priyanka and…

Nitish Chiniwar
A Possibility Named Khushi

Charging towards the defender with the ball, she drags back the ball with her right foot as she approaches the defender closer, simultaneously turning herself around the defender. As she…

Benjamin Joseph
Campaign Trails

Within the first couple of days of arriving in my new home I explored as much as I could, no matter the exhaustion that comes with arriving to a country…

Avital Datskovsky
Rethinking Education

“Forge Through Ambiguity” Forge through ambiguity. This was a phrase that AIF Clinton Fellow alumnus Ted Samuel brought up in his incredible keynote during orientation in Delhi. It’s a phrase that…

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