Tucker Johnson
End of the Road

The proverbial “end of the road” looks nothing like what I thought it would. Indeed, in my case at least, it wasn’t even the end of the road. After crossing…

Owen Jollie
Haircuts and Weddings

There’s more than one way to kill a chicken, but the most popular by far, at least in movies, is to grab the bird just below it’s head and rapidly…

Janice D'Souza
Train of Thought: My Commute

Shared auto, “local” as they call the train, bus, walk. Work. It takes me about two hours to get from my door to my desk. I took this train seven…

Ambika Roos
Supporting the artisans as well as the art

I’m sitting next to Ranabhai, a leather artisan who has been making traditional Kachchhi shoes for many decades in the village of Hodka, Gujarat. Ranabhai uses the same rohi (flat…

Priyanka Murali
Shared Experiences

As a child, on an annual basis, I would leave behind the lazy summers of the United States for the Indian monsoon. Both on my journeys to and from to…

John Simpson
Gorum Gorum Chai in an REI Campware Cup

“Calcutta is like no other city in India. Give a third-world look to London, spray it with the permissive air of Paris, lend it the temperament of Latin America, people…

Natasha Ramanujam
Moving Forward

It has been more than a month that I’ve now spent in Mumbai and what an experience it’s been so far! The next nine months will mark the longest period…

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