Adam Pearlman
Momos, Swasitkas and the Dalai Lama

During my first month in India I had the opportunity to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak about peace in a talk entitled “One World, One Vision, One Future”….

Indu Chelliah
Second Chances, Second Glances

In fall 2013, I showed up in Delhi with a suitcase and an address for my new job, knowing zero people and zero places in India’s biggest metropolis. One year…

Stephen Coger
In a new place, Asking “Who now?”

In Which I Planned to Clear Something Up The William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India brought me back home at just the right time: back “home” to India…

Ilana Millner
“We’re Getting There”

“We’re Getting There” was the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)’s longtime —although apparently now defunct—official slogan, and none could have been more apt. Most Philadelphians find SEPTA’s antiquated “Subway-Surface” trolley…

Yojna Lama
Being tourist in my city

My fellowship with AIF has been such an amazing experience. I am learning both at professional front as well as personal font. When I first learnt I would be located…

Sarah Manchanda
Why He Stayed

On some 375 acres of almost untouched land, surrounded by ancient hills, and small villages, lies Rishi Valley.  Housed in this pristine area is Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources…

Charlotte Brown
Universal Language

The other day I mentioned to colleague, mentor, and former AIF Clinton Fellow, Khushi Malhotra,  that I am learning many new languages at once–Hindi, Garhwali customs and mannerisms, Ayurveda, intricate…

Frank Alexander
Somewhere between an iPhone and an iPheno

I am the type of person that cannot stop asking questions. In trying to comprehend the massive discrepancy in wealth distribution among people in my new, adopted megalopolis, Bangalore, I…

Jessica Meckler
New Kid on the Block

We all know it. It’s hard to be the new kid on the block. It’s hard to be the one no one knows. The one who doesn’t know where to…

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