Avan Antia
Cyclone Vardah

Imagine, over the span of 40 years, watching a forest grow from delicate saplings to towering trees. That is the power of nature. Yet, with a strong gust of wind…

Avital Datskovsky
Reclaiming the Forest

I had this realization a few weeks ago. For the longest time, I was struggling to connect the dots. In the interviews I was conducting, the events I was participating…

Benjamin Joseph
Partnership for the Future

After many meetings, missed phone calls, site visits, and diligent preparation, my project to enroll economically deprived students into a private school to enhance their education made a huge step…

Alyssa Russo
New York Holiday Alumni Mixer

On December 6th 2016, the American India Foundation hosted a Fellowship Alumni Holiday Mixer at the midtown Manhattan office. This event gave alumni and staff alike an opportunity to meet…

Timothy Hefflinger
A Knife that Cuts Both Ways

What does it mean to respect tradition in a changing world? This question has been plaguing me for years and was recently driven into sharp focus with my work at…

Trip Eggert
Health by the Sambhar Lake: Part II

While at Manthan, I got to work alongside Denise as she tries to measure Manthan’s impact on the communities in which it works. I was able to come along with her…

Audra Bass
When Development Work Ceases to Exist

Development. As the weeks go by at Keystone, I am learning more and more the meaning of that word. Prior to my first steps into adulthood (still figuring that one…

Avan Antia
A Positive Output from a Negative Input

After the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the election of Donald Trump, the death of Fidel Castro, the victory at Standing Rock, the passing of Tamil Nadu’s…

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