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India In-Depth

Deconstucting ‘Empowerment’ Posted in India In-Depth

Incentives to be accountable – to whom?  Whether overtly defined or inherently implicit, all organizations have accountability and incentive structures that mediate their operations.  In for-profit firms, employees have strong…

Dipak Basu
Impact Sourcing and the Power of Rural Youth Posted in India In-Depth

The districts of India, which are 70% rural, are characterized by agricultural revenue that allows basic survival of villagers, but allows no generation of disposable income, thereby leaving people vulnerable…

Charlie Iannuzzi
Schools and Development Posted in India In-Depth

Twentieth-century international development policy was a persistent struggle between broad and localized implementation strategies.  The development paradigm foundational to that struggle has left a lingering debate that still plagues organizations,…

Sharing Power, Power Sharing Posted in India In-Depth

Where did all the power go? The world is still reeling from India’s July blackout, the largest power outage in recorded history and an incident that left almost 10 percent…

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