New England

Welcome from AIF's New England Chapter

AIF’s New England Chapter is excited to keep you informed of our programs and New England Chapter activities.

AIF is more than just a fundraising vehicle for India. AIF is a dream enabler, helping India’s disadvantaged to realize their aspirations. Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive economic and social change in India and improve the lives of the poorest citizens. A prosperous, engaged and educated India is a benefit to the world and our singular mission is to help accelerate this change.

We hope you stay connected with this wonderful cause and contribute your ideas, energy and enthusiasm! Please contact us to get involved at

New England Chapter Leadership Council

  • Raj & Nalini Sharma, Board of Directors and Trustees
  • Venkat & Pratima Srinivasan, Board of Directors and Trustees
  • Santhana Krishnan & Namita Krishan, Trustees
  • Brian J.G. Pereira, MD & Sunita Pereira, Trustees
  • Vivek & Vandana Sharma, Trustees