AIF’s first and founding New York Tri-State chapter, has anchored AIF’s presence in the United States since the organization’s birth. The New York Tri-State chapter’s Annual Awards Gala has been central to AIF’s fundraising efforts, and continues to expand AIF’s presence in the Tri-State area.

To get involved, contact info@aif.org


New York Tri-State Chapter Leadership Council

  • Ravi & Ginny Akhoury, Trustees
  • Sant & Daman Chatwal, Trustees
  • William T. Comfort, Board of Directors
  • Pradeep Kashyap, Board of Directors
  • Victor & Tara Menezes, Board of Directors and Trustees
  • Anil & Rajni Monga, Trustees
  • Dinesh & Ila Paliwal, Board of Directors
  • Arvind Raghunathan, Board of Directors
  • Ravi Reddy, Board of Directors and Trustees
  • Anjali Sharma, Board of Directors and Trustees
  • Dave & Usha Sharma, Trustees
  • Krishna Veeraraghavan & Sejal Shah, Trustees
  • Frank Wisner, Trustee