The greater Philadelphia region comprising of City of Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware is home to leading universities, businesses and a population that has strong ties to India and is eager to engage with India-US philanthropy, thus contributing to the greater good.

The newest chapter of AIF is taking off with energetic participation from a diverse local community leadership comprising of leading physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and media personalities amongst others. Everyone is coming together with the common purpose of giving back to India and strengthening the US-India philanthropic efforts.

Come join hands to build this new and exciting chapter and have an impact on the less privileged members of society.

To get involved, contact: philadelphia@aif.org

American India Foundation - LAMP


  • Kavita and Sanjay Gupta
  • Rani Emandi and Danny Hirji
  • Anita and Pankaj Paul
  • Prema Roddam and Karun Pothacamury