An organic coming together of like-minded people in this capital city of Virginia has led to the formation of the newest Chapter of AIF in Richmond. With a great density of people of Indian origin and Indophiles in the greater Richmond area, there is a natural interest to harness the collective energies and strengthen the US-India bridge. Richmond is also home to academic institutions of global repute and companies that see India as an important business partner and destination. All this creates a conducive atmosphere to engage the community, raise awareness about social issues and find ways to give back to India. The Chapter has ambitious yet realistic plans for this launch year of 2014 and the Leadership Council and the Advisory Group [in formation] invite everyone in this geography to join hands in this philanthropic effort.

To get involved, contact virginia@aif.org


Richmond Chapter Leadership Council

Richmond Youth Ambassador Chapter

  • Calvin Woo (Lead)
  • Lauren Hahm
  • Yamin Alam
  • Patrick Byrum
  • Andrea Suarez
  • Shaan Vohra
  • Geda Magahis
  • Adam Murphy
  • Ginat Fardous
  • Nicole Shelton
  • Swe San
  • Nancy Sey
  • Cassandra Clayton
  • Danielle Meyers
  • Amandeep Sandhu
  • Drew Howell
  • Ronae Redwine