Mr. Mittal is an entrepreneur and currently the CEO of eHealthObjects, an innovative health technology company based in Virginia Biotech research park. He and his wife Sunita Gupta co-founded eHealthObjects in 2006 and have conceptualized and delivered many innovative health IT software products in last 10 years for clients in several States and in also in India. Sanjay Mittal has lived Richmond for the last 16 years with his wife Sunita Gupta and his children, Esha and Kairav.

As the co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of eHealthObjects, Sunita Gupta is responsible for the appointment of advisory board members, business partnerships, sales and financials. Sunita is an entrepreneur with 15 years of management experience including 12 years of health care technology experience. Prior to setting up eHealthObjects, Sunita worked at management positions at many health care companies and delivered enterprise health care solutions for Trigon BCBS, Anthem and WellPoint. Sunita holds a Master’s degree in Science (M.Sc.) from MD University, INDIA.