Venkat & Pratima Srinivasan, Vice Chair and Trustees

Venkat Srinivasan is a serial entrepreneur and the Founding CEO and Chairman of RAGE Frameworks, which provides artificial intelligence solutions based on its patented artificial intelligence platform. He is also Chairman of the social enterprises EnglishHelper and Teranode, which provides timely information on the adverse and therapeutic benefits of prescription drugs. From 1992 to 2000, Venkat was the Founding CEO and Chairman of and later Corporate Fundamentals. Venkat is an expert in corporate finance, knowledge-based systems architectures, computational linguistics, and natural language processing. He holds several patents in the field of knowledge-based automation and has spent the last 25 years contributing his research and thought leadership to both the business community and the academic world. He previously served as an Associate Professor of Finance at Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Business in Boston, MA. Venkat holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He currently serves as a Vice Chair of the Board of AIF. He is also active in community organizations such as BUILD Boston Chapter, TIE and Boston Harbor Now.

Pratima Srinivasan is a homemaker, proud mother of two daughters, and lives with her family in Weston, Massachusetts. Pratima got involved in AIF, along with her husband Venkat in 2007, and has been a part of the organizing committee for the New England Chapter ever since.