Surajit Pal has been an Executive Integration Architext at Anthem, Inc. He has been in the industry for over 16 years in industry and 6 years in academic environment, and has led pragmatic and creative business-focused IT solutions as an enterprise architect, team lead, system integrator, designer, developer, and researcher in the Information Technology industry. As an innovative senior IT leader driven to lead teams to create effective, value-generating solutions, he is able to provide expertise and leadership in enterprise architecture and service-oriented architecture (SOA) practice, software architecture, design, and implementation on diverse technology platforms and business domains. My communication and interpersonal skills support results-oriented and cohesive teamwork. His experience and expertise include various disciplines of architecture, such as application architecture, infrastructure architecture, information architecture, integration architecture, and overarching enterprise architecture practice for business alignment of IT.

Gargi Pal is an experienced Center Director with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Gargi is the Center Director and Franchise Owner of the Eye Level Learning Center of Richmond. She has an excellent knowledge of academia environments, facilitating student engagement and retention, setting academic and developmental goals. Having a lifelong passion towards education, coupled with skills in Business Planning, Customer Service, Coaching, Classroom Instruction, and Entrepreneurship. Strong business development professional with a MBA focused in Business Administration from The College of William and Mary.