Relief & Rehabilitation

Uttarakhand Flood Relief

Relief & Rehabilitation

Since our inception following the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, AIF has been invested in relief and rehabilitation efforts in response to major national disasters in India, including rehabilitating communities in Tamil Nadu and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands following the 2004 tsunami and in Kashmir following the 2005 earthquake. AIF’s multi-phased approach to disaster relief begins with immediate aid, followed by reconstruction and long-term rehabilitation of communities. To identify long-term solutions to improve the lives of people affected by disaster, AIF works closely with NGO partners and fill gaps in the efforts of government agencies and large international organizations. AIF remains alert, responsive, and committed to providing long-term rehabilitation of communities in the unfortunate event of future emergencies.

Uttarakhand Flood Relief

Note: Please write “Uttarakhand Relief Fund” in the comments section when donating in Rupees

uma-logo-blendIn partnership with Uttarakhand Mandal of America (UMA) (, a Silicon Valley social and charitable organization representing the Uttarakhand Diaspora, AIF has created the Uttarakhand Relief Fund  to rebuild the foundation and heal the communities destroyed by the “Himalyan tsunami.”

The Fund will specifically support the families who have lost their homes, businesses, or their primary income earner, through a series of interlocking rehabilitation interventions that will

1. Rebuild an entire village or villages

2.  Provide women’s occupational training programs

3. Establish a telemedicine network for areas without doctors

4. Fund selected other projects

The Uttarakhand Relief Fund will utilize a similar model to the rehabilitation campaign undertaken during the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, the tragic event which gave birth to AIF. Working together AIF and UMA are undertaking due diligence to identify the highest-performing NGOs with whom to provide funds and materials in a timely, efficient, effective, and transparent manner.

Please consider making a donation today to the Uttarakhand Relief Fund to rebuild the foundation and heal communities and their families.