Light a LAMP Campaign Raises Over $250,00 to Educate and Empower Children in India

In September 2015, AIF launched Light a LAMP, an online campaign with the goal of raising $200,000 for AIF’s Learning and Migration Program (LAMP).

By the time the campaign ended in December 2015, over 700 people from around the U.S. had came together and raised over $250,000. These funds will go towards educating and empowering over 5,000 children in need in India.

Special thanks to the following individuals for leading the campaign in their respective regions:

AIF Chicago Chapter:

  • Mayur Gupta
  • Ashish Kaura
  • Kailash Purohit
  • Masha Sajdeh

AIF New England Chapter:

  • Nirmala Garimella
  • Suchitra Krishna
  • Vikram Mahidhar
  • Nimit Nathwani

AIF Bay Area Young Professionals Chapter:

  • Anooshka Kumar
  • Mayura Muthye
  • Akshay Verma

AIF Orange County Young Professionals:

  • Nithin Jilla
  • Jessie Patel


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