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Being tourist in my city Posted in 2014-15, Clinton Fellowship Blog

My fellowship with AIF has been such an amazing experience. I am learning both at professional front as well as personal font. When I first learnt I would be located in Kolkata I had a sense of comfortness and familiarity as I had visited the city during my college days.

I was aah I know all about Kolkata, but my interaction with co – fellows during orientation helped me zoom out my outlook of the city I would be in for 10 months. The curiosity, excitement of my American fellows to experience India culture, food and their inquisitive questions of India energized me to explore and discover my Indian culture consciously. By the time my  co fellows  asked me  ”are you  excited to be in Kolkata I just blurted out Yeah am gonna be tourist in my own Country “.

Here I am sharing the moments and places I have traveled being AIF fellow and working with switch on:

I had never seen jute plant in my life so I was thrilled to see it but oops it smells like awful.:-)

Jute being dried

I visited a village in Nadia district which is close to Bangladesh. I learnt there is train direct from Kolkata to  Bangladesh and I am already dreaming myself on the train right now.

Border village to Bangladesh

I spent a night in the historical indigo cottage more than 30 years where switch on has their solar learning   center.

 I had an amazing boat ride on Ganges to Belur math and had a spiritual experience

by the ganges  to belur math

I had an awesome time with big boi Andrew, Laura and Ilana while visiting kumortuli which is famous for     artisans making Durga idols.

Durga Idol in Kumortuli

Lastly it just a beginning and I know there is still so much to see, hear and experience but I truly love my fellowship till then.

local ice cream kulfi seller