Nimish Shukla

Nimish ShuklaAge: 25
Hometown: Sterling, VA
Education: BBA in Finance, College of William & Mary
Specific Field Interests: Social entrepreneurship, Impact investing, Microfinance
Placement: Dasra, Mumbai, Maharshtra
Area of Focus: Social Enterprise

Highlights: Nimish is interested in leveraging private capital markets, particularly in the agricultural and energy markets, for the creation of social and financial value.  He has spent the past four years with a middle-market investment bank raising capital for and providing advisory services to U.S. based oil and gas companies.  He hopes to acquire a working knowledge of the social enterprise field as well as the ability to effectively evaluate socially conscious investments through the Clinton Fellowship.  Given his extensive previous capital markets experience and continued studies in portfolio management, Nimish plans to work towards developing and analyzing unique financial methods and instruments in the impact investing field.