Pradeep Kashyap

Pradeep Kashyap’s American India Foundation journey started as its founding full time Executive Director in May 2001 when he was seconded by Citigroup for 2 years. From June 2003, he provided his services pro bono and also funded his expenses. Effective April 2008, AIF hired a new CEO and Mr. Kashyap continues to serve as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of AIF.

Prior to joining AIF, Mr. Kashyap was a senior Citibank official. His career with Citigroup/Citibank spanned 29 years across North America and Middle East. Born in Allahabad, India, Mr. Kashyap did most of his schooling in New Delhi and went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree from Bangalore University and a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Mr. Kashyap and his wife Reena, live in New York City, NY.