Pranav Reddy

pranav-reddy1Age: 22
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Education: B.A. Political Science, B.S. Microbiology with a minor in Public Health
Specific Field Interests: international health, nutrition, sustainable urban development
Placement: Calcutta Kids, Kolkata, West Bengal
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and raised in Cleveland, OH, Pranav has been involved with health policy, bioethics, and global health throughout his time at Ohio State. There, he helped found the third national chapter of Project Nicaragua and participated in multiple service trips to the rural mountain town of Rancho Grande for initiatives in nutrition, education, and agriculture. Pranav also helped found the Bioethics Society and participated in Yale’s bioethics summer program, researching the ethics of GM crop usage in the developing world. He interned in Canadian Parliament for Dr. Carolyn Bennett, the Liberal Health Critic, working with the Health, Development, and Food and Agriculture profiles, co-organizing conferences, and writing nationally televised addresses. In addition, Pranav has traveled to India to investigating eye-care health networks in Andhra Pradesh and writing his Honors Thesis on the political context for health system reform in the state.