Students are Eager to Learn

With a graceful ease, Nisha Chavda switches on her tablet, clicks on the computer icon, and turns up the volume. Today, she is learning about measuring temperature at different scales. “In the past, I’ve learned about so many different areas such as magnets in science and ancient civilizations. All this is in our textbooks, but I learn faster and can remember it all
very easily when I see it on the tablet screen.”

Thirteen year-old Nisha studies in the sixth grade at the Galathra Primary School in Gujarat. She is a beneficiary of AIF’s Digital Equalizer Tablab program, enabling students to learn through computer tablets. When her parents got to know about the Tablab, they visited the school in excitement and curiosity. Nisha’s mother, Anjanaba Chavda, says that Nisha insists on going to school every day because she looks forward to the time allotted for the Tablab during
the school day. “Nisha loves learning on the tablet and says she would teach the family if we would buy one for the home.”

AIF has been working to revitalize public education in India by bringing technology to underresourced government schools and utilizing technology to transform teaching and learning into a collaborative, project-based learning environment through the Digital Equalizer. With the rapid growth and proliferation of technology, AIF continually works to integrate new technologies and the latest innovations in instructional pedagogy in order to keep ahead of emerging trends and ensure whole schools and their teachers and students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be successful.

To date, the Digital Equalizer has reached more than two million children. “The attendance of the school children has improved. Parents are keen to send their children and students are eager to learn,” says Manishbhai Raghudas Patel, the headmaster of the school. The Digital Equalizer is not only making it easy for students to learn tough concepts, but is creating an interactive and fun learning environment.

Drew Foxman

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