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Ashvini Parmar’s father dreamed that his daughter would one day become an engineer. Unfortunately, he never had the chance to see his daughter grow up beyond grade school as he tragically passed away when she was nine. Over the years, Ashvini’s widowed mother worked in various odd jobs, but it wasn’t enough to support her four children. At the age of seventeen,
Ashvini took up a job to help out and shortly after that discontinued her education. Even her earnings were not enough.

Ashivini’s life changed when she joined AIF’s Market Aligned Skills Training (MAST) program. Through a door to door campaign, she discovered that she could become an electrician in just two months. After enrolling in MAST, Ashvini completed her training, purchased her own toolkit and began taking on contract jobs such as electrical repairs and fan installations. MAST is harnessing the vast potential of India’s youth to power the country’s growing industries and address the country’s increasing lack of qualified labor. Through market-aligned curricula and hands-on training, MAST provides the knowledge and skills needed for young people to succeed
in the workforce.

Today, Ashvini earns nearly twice what she earned from prior jobs. Additionally, she is continuing her studies through a correspondence course. At the MAST training center in Gujarat, Ashvini has become a symbol to other female students, who now aspire to be like her. She has decided to give back to the program by training other students. “I feel good that I am
teaching others a skill that can help them earn an income for their familes,” she says. With her savings, Ashvini has invested in a bike to help her respond faster to client’s needs. “My father had big dreams for me and I’m so happy I have had the opportunity to do something special in my life through MAST.”

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