The Covid-19 pandemic is proving to be one of the largest setbacks faced by humanity today. Unfortunately, it has challenged our children in many ways. From those very challenges, beautiful stories of empathy and giving are emerging.

We present to you the heart-warming and inspiring stories of Maher, Sanya, Sophia and Sean who have, over the summer, spent their time working for a cause. Proving that children are active, social and democratic citizens, (not just future citizens as we commonly tend to imagine), with an inherent right and part to play in civil society!


Winner of the first-ever essay competition hosted by the India Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) in the United States, Maher Adoni’s essay on The Democratization of Rural Indian Education stood out for its clarity of thought and close alignment to India’s education problems. This essay competition was generously supported by the Sarva Mangal Family Trust, which donated $2,000 for the winners – $1,000 each – to direct to an organization in the IPA of their choosing.

Maher chose to direct his prize-winning money of $1,000 to AIF. His essay can be found here.

A warm thank you to Maher for supporting AIF’s work!


AIF’s CEO, Nishant Pandey, recently received a letter (below) from Sanya Nadeem, 12 years, from MA. Over the summer, she conducted Zoom classes for younger kids in her neighborhood for English, geography, math and book club, as she is an avid reader, writer, and geography buff. She collected $1,800 in donations for AIF in exchange for her summer online classes and amazingly, she chose to donate it all to AIF!

We at AIF absolutely love receiving letters and kind words from our young supporters, who step up in incredible ways to help our programming.


Sophia is a sophomore at Stanford University, who loves creative writing and hopes to pursue a career in medicine.  Sean is a sophomore at Menlo High School, he loves programming, digital art, and music production. Amidst school closures during COVID-19, they created a children’s picture and audio book called The ABCs of Coronavirus to teach young students the importance of staying safe and healthy. Translations in Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil are also available.

We are so proud of Sophia and Sean, as they took a decision to share the picture and audio book with beneficiaries of AIF’s programs.

Thank you, Sophia and Sean, for your generosity!


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