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I have had the honor and pleasure to work closely with several AIF alumni over the last ten months. Throughout this time I have been overwhelmed with their willingness to serve as guides and mentors along the way. As our fellowship draws to a close this reminds me of the key role we play in shaping future AIF fellows experiences. I hope we can collectively serve this role for forthcoming classes and in the AIF network around the globe.

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight three excellent AIF alumni mentors who have provided wonderful guidance and support throughout the last year. Many thanks to them!

Aditi Desai

Aditi served as my official AIF Alumni mentor. She went above and beyond this role. We worked together on her documentary film Entangled in January 2011 in Ahmedabad. She has provided advice and great opportunities for engaging video and film over the last year.

Charlotte Lapsansky

Charlotte and I have worked closely together to launch Breakthrough’s mobile reporting platform. Charlotte served as a guide in the project and in the growth of my knowledge about mobile technology in development.

Lydia Barraza

Lydia has provided key guidance in personal and professional capacities. She has always been willing to give her wise insight into career decisions and living in India. I continue to be grateful for her time and advice.

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