New Delhi, 15 September 2020: The American India Foundation (AIF) is excited to announce a partnership with Byju’s The Learning App to provide K-12 students access to digital media content across subject areas of Math, Science, Social Science. Byju’s technology platform is the largest for-profit provider of digital educational content in India and the largest edtech start up in the world. Over the next three years, this partnership aims to reach one million students through 10,000 schools, making it the most audacious of AIF’s efforts to scale access to quality education and deliver impact to children from migrant communities and vulnerable populations.

COVID-19 school closures have affected around 320 million students, resulting in increased learning deficits and higher drop-out rates. Additionally, tens of thousands of teachers are struggling to close the educational gap and lack the access to digital tools and resources that will enable them to succeed. The education system from the pre-Covid-19 era does not enable all learners to realize their full potential and break cycles of poverty. It needs to adapt to e-learning in a holistic ecosystem approach and AIF’s partnership with Byju’s fills this gap with the exciting potential to enable transformative learning experiences for students from low income families and rural migrant communities.

Over the last decade and a half, AIF’s education programs have empowered 4.7 million children with access to quality education. Digital Equalizer (DE) has introduced interactive STEM learning experiences to 4.1 million children across 15 states of India, while the Learning and Migration Program (LAMP) has been working in migrant communities across 2,300 villages in 13 states of India creating over 200 child-migration free villages and ensuring around 600K children had access to education opportunities.

About the partnership, AIF Country Director Mathew Joseph said, “This partnership with Byju’s brings a high level of excitement for us at AIF. Technology plays a big role in continuity of learning. As a result of coronavirus, many schools have become virtual. With this partnership, AIF’s educational programs have access to greater scale in closing the digital divide and opening up newer possibilities for all learners.”

Byju’s technology platform uses everyday examples that students can connect with, taking on a more tangible dimension. It blends content, media and technology, making the tool very effective at keeping students engaged. The technology allows for personalization of the experience and allows students to learn at their own pace.

BYJUs Founder and CEO, Byju Raveendran said, “This is a really special moment for all of us at BYJU’S. We are unified by the single mission of providing enriching learning experiences to children everywhere and have always believed that there is a huge need to bring about a positive change in education in India by giving back.”

Globally, there is an increasing recognition of the need to improve student learning outcomes as well as the power of technology to support that goal. By enabling widespread access and personalization to 10,000 learners over the next three years, AIF’s partnership with Byju’s can close the gap for students while also empowering teachers to be more effective. This partnership has the power to advance equitable, high-quality education for all learners regardless of where they study, how much their family earns, or where they live. AIF is therefore hopeful that, powered by Byju’s tech platform, this partnership will achieve scaled impact on learning and serve as a great equalizer in delivering quality education to India’s children.

Read more about AIF’s education programs here.

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