AIF Chicago Junior Board

Our Chicago Jr. Board is the youth wing of AIF, comprised of high-school students from around the Chicagoland area who share a passion to celebrate their heritage and support underserved communities in India. They devote time during the school year and over the summer to hold fundraising events that support various AIF programs. Over the last few years, the Chicago Jr. Board focused their efforts on the need of the hour: to help rebuild lives devastated by the pandemic by providing access to digital education. As life returned to a new normal, they turned their focus to addressing mental health concerns among adolescents in India, a growing problem that is too often overlooked.

AIF Chicago Junior Board

  • Sohan Bendre (Co-President), Class of 2024
  • Leela Gandhi (Co-President), Class of 2024
  • Neil Purohit, Class of 2024
  • Sohil Purohit, Class of 2025
  • Zaid Hasan, Class of 2025
  • Anika Bhagwat, Class of 2026
  • Eeshan Lal, Class of 2026
  • Saathvika Narayan, Class of 2026
  • Kiran Mullangi, Class of 2026
  • Vedika Dangi, Class of 2026
  • Raghav Singh, Class of 2026

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