AIF PROGRAM DATA (As of October 31, 2019)

As a teaser to our upcoming Annual Report, I am pleased to present a timely update on AIF and how our various programs have performed over the last year.  I encourage you to read on to see how your continued support has allowed us to serve over 5.6 millions underprivileged children, women and youth.

AIF PROGRAM DATA (As of October 31, 2019)

Digital Equalizer [DE]: Improving learning outcomes in government schools through technology

4,116,941   Children Empowered with interactive STEM Learning Experiences

152,454      Teachers trained in STEM and Technology-Focused Pedagogy

14,961         Schools across 15 States

Learning and Migration Program [LAMP]: Provides access to continuous, quality education opportunities in areas of seasonal migration

560,856   Children Impacted by Quality Education Opportunities

87,188    Community Members Trained in Right to Education Act

2003 Villages across 13 States

Maternal And Newborn Survival Initiative [MANSI]: Saving the Lives of Mothers and Newborns

120,043 Newborns Treated

155,870 Pregnant women Served

4044  ASHAs (frontline health workers) Trained

3389 Villages across 4 States

Market Aligned Skills Training [MAST]: Equips underprivileged youth and women with job readiness skills

123,446  Youth Trained in Industry Skills

92,276   Jobs Created

219    Training Centers across 22 States

Ability Based Livelihood Empowerment [ABLE]: Trains persons with disabilities and facilitates their entry into the job market

15,799 Persons with Disabilities trained on workplace readiness

9,445 Jobs Created for Persons With Disabilities

19 States

AIF Clinton Fellowship: Strengthens India’s civil society through partnerships with talented young  Americans and  Indians

491 fellows in service with partner organizations across India

216 Partners across 24 States

Nishant Pandey is the CEO of the American India Foundation (AIF). In this capacity, Nishant provides strategic leadership to AIF’s operations spanning the US and India.

Nishant began his career as a banker but soon realised that development sector was his calling. He joined a global charity called Oxfam as the Programme Officer for South India where he designed and developed value-chain programmes on the theme of ‘power in markets’. Subsequently, he moved Oxfam’s global HQ in Oxford to lead on programme development and management in 12 countries including Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Albania, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Jordon. In his work on Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area and its impact on small farmers in European neighbourhood, he demonstrated a rare ability to link high-level policy with community-focussed projects on the ground and was soon given the opportunity to lead the entire policy and campaigns portfolio for Oxfam in the region. Before moving back to India as AIF’s Country Director, Nishant was based in Jerusalem where he had one of the most complex and challenging assignments as Oxfam’s Country Director for the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel. Nishant lives with his wife, Nupur, and son, Abeer, in New York City.

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